• Who is a refugee?
    • How did they get here?
    • Does the vetting process really work?
    • Does compassion come at the expense of security?
    • Where are they from?
    • How can we help them?
    • Are refugees a threat to our economic security?
    • How might the Bible inform our view of refugees?

Come get a comprehensive overview of refugee resettlement, learn some basic facts, and explore how you can help!

Citywide Refugee 101 is free and are offered each month to potential volunteers or anyone interested in learning more about refugee resettlement.  Important issues such as the resettlement process, country overviews, culture, communication, and volunteer opportunities will be covered.  All are welcome.   Many refugee-serving organizations will be part of the training, including Tucson Refugee Ministry.  Attendance does not obligate you to volunteer.  However, this training is required for any new TRM volunter.

TRM Orientation are for those who have already the Citywide Refugee 101.  Come hear about volunteer opportunities with Tucson Refugee Ministry, and go deeper as we explore a uniquely Biblical perspective on the refugee situation, discuss the implications of refugee resettlement, and talk about the role of the Church as it relates to refugees whom God has brought to our desert doorstep.

This training is required for any new TRM volunteer.

Trainings and Orientations have been moved online for the foreseeable future.

Spread the word about our training sessions.  Post an ad in your church bulletin or make an announcement at your church or Sunday School group!