Refugee 101


Welcome to the our Refugee 101 training!

This training should take about 2 hours. You can stop and return at any time. Please refer to the “Materials” tab for helpful handouts that will add to this training.

You can begin the course by selecting “Welcome” under “Course Content.”

These materials will be beneficial as you work through the training. You can download them all for ease of access as they are needed.

thumbnail of Cultural Vantage Points thumbnail of Culture Basics 2.docx (1) thumbnail of Master List of Organizations who Serve Refugees (1) (1) thumbnail of Empowering New Americans.docx thumbnail of white house screening process thumbnail of CAL+Backgrounder_Darfuri thumbnail of CAL+Backgrounder+07+-+Congolese thumbnail of backgrounder_iraq thumbnail of syrian_Backgrounder thumbnail of backgrounder_burudians thumbnail of backgrounder_bhutanese thumbnail of TRM Rack Card thumbnail of Baby Partnership thumbnail of Virtual Opportunities at TRM! thumbnail of Volunteer for Youth activities!


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