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Tucson Refugee Ministry

From Every Corner of the World To The Tucson Refugee Ministry

The People

Tucson will become home this year for approximately 1000 new refugees who have been forced from their homeland and are coming to the United States from war torn countries in order to flee persecution.

Many of them have been waiting in primitive refugee camps for almost twenty years in the hope of being given a safe place to call home.

They go through a long, rigorous selection process with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and if approved they come here ready to start over.

Group Adoption Program at the Tucson Refugee Ministry

The Bridge

Tucson Refugee Ministry was established in 2006 to build bridges between the Church and the refugees of Tucson.

We partner with the refugee resettlement agencies to help facilitate practical, tangible ways that followers of Jesus can love and serve refugees.

Volunteer opportunities are numerous and make a significant difference in refugee families and their assimilation to life in America.

These opportunities also bring transformation to Bible Study groups, Sunday School classes and entire church congregations.

The world at Tucson's Doorstep, with Tucson Refugee Ministry

The Doorstep

There are new refugee families arriving in Tucson every week that need help navigating in this strange, new country.

The nations are at our doorstep and we have an opportunity to literally "welcome the stranger" as we greet them, embrace them and come alongside them to help as they build their new lives.


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Less than 10% of refugees who come to the US will be befriended by an American, let alone a follower of Jesus.

"I learned that there are people internationally that I can help that are in the United States and in my own city. I feel like I can help people worldwide now without feeling stuck by having no way to get across the world. It feels like the world came to me and I can help make a difference. "

~ Katrina

"Too many Christians and churches remain uninformed and unchallenged and too many refugees remain isolated and will never know God's love for them. We need to wake up the church, and what an incredible opportunity we have to be advocates for refugees, in Tucson and beyond."

~ Paula