Portrait Project

The Portrait Project grew out of the passion of local artist Genii Pell who wanted to use her talents to help refugees.  The result was five beautiful portraits of refugee individuals who have journeyed from all over the world right here to Tucson, Arizona.   Behind each face depicted in these portraits is an incredible story of that individual’s journey from hardship to hope.

The Portrait Project is not simply an opportunity to support TRM, but also a chance to obtain one-of-a-kind items that can serve as conversation starters to introduce your friends and relatives to the plight of refugees.  We also hope that having these items in your home will remind you to join us in prayer for the ministry of TRM and for the lives of the refugees in Tucson who are impacted.

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Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards 04


Magnets 06


Mug 01 - Bhutanese