Meet virtually or in the homes of refugee families to help students with the subjects they are struggling with in school.
Volunteers can expect to determine the frequency of tutoring sessions with the students and families.
Tutoring Partnerships are semester long commitments.

Baby Partnership

Congolese Mothers
Gather together with a group of your friends, or your small group, to embrace an expecting mom!
Welcome Partnerships are a 3 month commitment with minimum of 3 core members.

Youth Outreach at Populous Refugee Communities

Greet families, play games with kids, get to know the community, have fun, and show that you care. See upcoming youth outreach events here.
Commitment is about 2 hours, with opportunities throughout the year at various locations!

Airport Welcomes

Greet new families at the airport when they arrive with signs, cheers and smiles.
This is an elite group of people who are on-call with short notice for new arrivals.
Commitment is about 30 minutes, approximately twice a month. View guidelines here.

New Apartment Setups

Have you ever moved to a new country? How about a new home? So… much… work…
There are opportunities for you to ease the burden of moving to a new country by helping set up the home of a new refugee to Tucson! This is a unique way to bless a new Tucson neighbor.
Commitment is 2-4 hours and sometimes heavy lifting is needed.

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